Kazushi Sakamoto

My name is Kazushi Sakamoto, the first certified public tax accountant registered and opened an office in Okinawa prefecture, however I am from Kobe prefecture.

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to become a lawyer. But by the age of 18, my life lacked direction, and I failed to pass the admission test of a university’s Department of Legal Studies. That is when I met my mentor, a successful Okinawan certified public tax accountant who practiced in Kobe. He inspired me to pursue this profession.

 After obtaining my license, I worked for foreign-owned hotels and investment banks, managing Finance and Accounting Departments for over 10 years.

 While I was employed as the Director of Finance and Accounting, my company acquired 10 resort hotels in Okinawa. I was sent to Okinawa to manage those properties, and after that assignment, I opened my first tax accounting office in Okinawa.

 My strengths are my energy, foreign language skills, and an extensive professional network in mainland Japan and Okinawa. I provide reliable service to my clients, and I strive every day to become the tax accountant who maintains trusted relationships and customer confidentiality.

 My core competency is business consulting, with a focus on mainland Japanese companies and international companies looking to expand into Okinawan market, and Okinawan companies seeking international professional network. I have numbers of achievements in international and domestic business consulting. I believe that my mission is to become a bridge between the mainland Japan, and Okinawa, and the larger international community.

 Since I have successfully handled many M&A (Merger & Acquisition) cases in the hotel industry, I specialize in due diligence, and providing support for business startups. I am also an expert in the implementation of Uniform System Accounting.

 As a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, I can support the establishment of a company, requesting visas, and Act on Control and Improvement of Amusement Business.

  • ■Hobbies
    Books, karaoke, traveling, food
  • ■Qualification
    Certified Public Tax Accountant, Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist
  • ■Language
    English (Business level), Cantonese, Chinese, Russian (Conversational level)
  • ■Date of Birth
    January 7, 1969
  • ■Blood Type
  • ■Alma Mater
    Doshisha University Faculty of Commerce


From April 1, 1994
To March 31, 1998
Suzuki Tax Accounting Office
As a Tax Accountant Assistant, I was in charge of 15 cases and administrative duties such as typing, filing financial statements and tax returns.
To June 30, 1999 Angel Trading Co., Ltd.
Overseas sales job. I was responsible for the sales of playing cards to overseas casinos, which was a company merchandise. Also a trade business associated with it.
From July 1, 1999
To June 30, 2004
I was the Finance and Accounting Director of Sofitel Tokyo. This property was the first in Japan of Accor Hotels Group, the world’s largest hotel chain, which is based in France.
Afterwards, I opened the Hotel Select-Inn Numadu and the Hotel Select-Inn Isesaki. I then managed the Mercure Hotel Narita, followed by the Hotel Yokohama, Novotel Koshien. I was then appointed as the Finance General Manager of all Japan.
From July 1, 2004
To September 30, 2005
Ishin Hotels Group Co., Ltd.
Accounting Manager
Isin Hotel is a hotel management company exclusively owned by the George Soros fund in Japan. I was in charge of conducting due diligence for the newly acquired hotels, underwriting for new finance packages, providing support for business start-up preparations, and implementation of an accounting system after the opening. I also led the creation of financial reports utilising Uniform System Accounting.
I worked for Kagoshima Tokyu Hotel, The B Roppongi, The B Nagoya , The B Akasaka , The B Kobe, to name a few hotels.
From October 1, 2006
To June 30, 2007
Goldman Sachs Realty Japan Ltd.
Manager, Hot Springs Fund
Goldman Sachs has established the Hot Spring Fund by acquiring hot spring inns, and entrusted its management to Hoshino Resort. I took part in the Fund as a supervisor of the property. Komaki Onsen, Shiroganeya, Oirase Onsen, etc. I provided accounting services for the first hotel resort established by Goldman Sachs in Japan, for the Kobe Oriental Hotel, the Namba Oriental Hotel, and the Nikko Hotel Aribira.
I negotiated for the newly acquired hotels, Rizzan Sea Park Hotel Tancha Bay, Hiroshima Washington Hotel, etc.
From July 1, 2007
To February 28, 2008
Hudson Debt Collection Co., Ltd.
Finance and Accounting Manager, Okinawa Sector
I owned hotels across Japan under a subsidiary of Lone Star, branded as Chisan Hotel. En masse acquisition of Okinawa Marriott hotel, Loisir Hotel Naha, Nikko Grand Castle, Motobu Royal View, Nikko Okuma Resort, Nikko Yaeyama, and Ishigaki Grand Hotel, has led me to become The Financial Manager of all the hotels in Okinawa. I instructed all the company-owned hotels to submit financial reports utilizing Uniform System Accounting.
From March 1, 2008
To March 31, 2009
Solare Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd.
Finance and Accounting Manager, Okinawa Sector
I transferred to a hotel management company owned by the hotels of a Hudson subsidiary.
From September 15, 2009 Kazushi Sakamoto Certified Public Tax Accountant Office established.
I opened a tax accounting office in Naha which currently has a client base of 75 companies. I am also an adviser for a state-owned Bank of Indonesia.